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WICT DC/Baltimore Chapter


Volunteer as primary administrator and content editor.  Hold board seat as Social Media Director since 2014.  Target audience is women 25-55 in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas who work in the cable or telecommunications industry.  

Content includes sharing upcoming events, sharing a recap or posting live during events, sharing industry news, sharing member milestones, board meeting recaps, newsletter information, motivational quotes, professional development/leadership opportunities, and more.  

The Wayne Stinchcomb Big Orange Foundation


Volunteer as primary administrator and content editor. The target audience is 18+ in the Baltimore area.

Content includes information on Melanoma Cancer prevention and research milestones, fundraiser event information, skin care, sun prevention, local events that support other charities, sponsors, friends and family of the Stinchcomb family, and Wayne Stinchcomb who passed away from Melanoma Cancer 4/27/2010. 

Redesigned website on Wix April 2018 and manage updates as needed.

U Can Save Our World


  • Designed cover photo. 
  • Assist with posting content. The site is in the early stages of development.  
  • Attend meetings to discuss public relations initiatives.  
  • Consult frequently with key stakeholders to generate awareness around topics covered in the book written by Julian H. Hyman, "U Can Save Our World".  
  • Created website layout using GoDaddy Go Central.

The Demi Foundation


Managed content from Feb 2016 - Feb 2017 and Dec 2017-Mar 2018.  I was not the only contributor on this page.  The target audience is 25-55 and friends and supporters of the Friedel family.  

Content includes information on upcoming fundraising events, parent information for kid's well-being, local happenings/events, and more.

White Marsh Creative

image377 WhtMrshCreative

Primary administrator and content editor.  The target audience is potential clients in the White Marsh area needing our creative services.  

Content includes news/events pertaining to the White Marsh area, creative ideas, and events pertaining to work completed by White Marsh Creative (i.e. events, projects).

Friends of Thomas Ashwell


  • Designed logo, cover, and profile picture.  
  • Assist with social media content creation.  Most content is managed by Thomas Ashwell.  
  • Redesigned website to help promote the campaign.  
  • Designed all promotional products.
  • Assist with event planning.

Looking for your photo?

Check out Dot Photo for our database of albums.  Main client is Johns Hopkins Radiology Department.  You can also purchase photos from Dot Photo; which is a third party provider.  If you find an image you wish to download, simply contact us with the album name and image number and we will email you the images for free.  Our policy is we don't hold your digital images for ransom!!!  They are your smiles to keep!

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